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Italy – Roland Berger Strategy Consultants S.r.l.

In the early 80's it became clear that there was strong demand for a Roland Berger office in Italy’s capital city as well. Our first office outside Germany opened in Milan in 1969 and an office in Rome later followed. Italy, one of Europe's strongest markets for the consulting industry, remains a cornerstone of our international operations today. Our two Italian offices offer top of the range strategy consultancy services to valued clients from across a wide range of industries and functional areas.

Milan office

Established in 1969 as the first Roland Berger outside of Germany, the Milan office has grown to be one of the group's most important offices worldwide today. Embodying the very beginnings of our international expansion, the Milan office has continuously excelled at winning new business opportunities, widening and diversifying our client portfolio in the process.


Via Sirtori, 32
20129 Milan

Phone +39 02 29501-1
Fax +39 02 29524837
E-mail e-mail

Rome office

In the early 80's it became clear that there was a strong demand for a Roland Berger office in Italy's capital city as well. The opening of the Rome office was testament to our excellent reputation and results in Italy and an acknowledgement of our expertise in the fields of transportation and public administration which had led to increased demand for our consulting services.

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